Driver’s Education for Texas Homeschoolers

If you are getting ready to teach your teen to drive, you’ve come to the right place. There are several steps you’ll need to complete to help your teen achieve their Texas driver’s license.

Apply to be the instructor ($20 fee)

As the parent, you must first apply to be the official driving instructor. During this step, you will receive a PDF program guide. I highly recommend printing this guide and keeping it handy. It has several things you’ll need, including the receipt number, document checklist, and lesson log.

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Select a course

Once you have paid the instructor fee and have received your program guide, you will need to select an online driving course. This is the “classroom instruction” portion of driver’s ed. Click here for a list of eligible courses. As you can see, there are many to choose from. You will need the receipt number from your program guide to purchase this course.

The first six instruction hours of this course are required for your student to earn their leaner’s permit (aka learner license).

Learner license

Students must have their learner license for at least six months before they can apply for a provisional driver license. The learner license expires on the student’s 18th birthday.

In Cooke County, you may make an appointment at the Gainesville DPS office. Information is unclear on whether they take walk-ins at this point. In the recent past, students could arrive before the office opened and wait in line to be called, but this may have changed. A scheduled appointment is the most reliable method.

You may also try surrounding towns, such as Bowie, Sherman, or Denton.

As appointment availability may be several weeks out, it is recommended that one makes the appointment to get the learner’s permit soon after the course is started to avoid delay in your student obtaining his/her permit as soon as the 6 hours of instruction has been completed.

Check the list of required documents carefully and be sure you have each one before the day of your appointment. You may need to get government documents in advance, such as birth certificate, SS card, etc. Let me stress again: do not wait until the morning of your appointment to gather the required documents!

The VOE must be signed by you, the homeschool parent. The program guide cover page will be required, as your receipt.

Oh, and keep these documents handy, because you’ll need most or all of them again for the final license test.

Behind the wheel and classroom instruction

Once the student has obtained the learner license, you’re ready to begin driving instruction!

All parent-taught courses require 14 hours of in-car instruction and 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice for a total of 44 hours.

This is the longest part of the program. As your student takes the video lessons, they will also need to practice behind the wheel with you. Page 12 of the program guide provides a printable log for practice sessions. There is also a log online, available with an instruction guide.

If your student needs to practice parallel parking, there are usually guides set up on Hoover Street, behind the service station/Golden Chick on the I-35 service road. However, the city of Gainesville doesn’t seem to publish this info, and sometimes the guides are not there. Happy hunting!

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The provisional license test

Upon completion of the driver’s ed program, print out the DE-964 Texas Driver Education Certificate of Completion.

Next, complete the 2-hour Teen Impact course.

Now, schedule your driving test at the local DPS office. Again, you’ll need to make an appointment at one of the local offices. The student will need to Be between 16 and 17 years old.

Double check your documents (again!), and make sure the vehicle used for the driving test has current insurance and registration readily available.

Get all the details here.

Should your student wish to take the driving portion of the test through a private driving school rather than at the DPS, you might want to consider the driving school in Whitesboro.  The proprietors are very kind and will also ensure you have all your documents in order for your teen to successfully obtain his/her license.

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