Types of Homeschooling

Types of Homeschooling

Freedom and flexibility are two of the best parts of homeschooling in Texas. According to Texas education law, homeschoolers are considered private schools. As such, parents fund and oversee each part of their child’s education. So whether you teach 100% of the subjects, join a hybrid school, choose a once-a-week class, or participate in a cooperative, the design of your homeschool is up to you!

Full-time homeschooling is where the majority of the education is under the supervision of parents in the home. This can be done with a variety of materials, including traditional textbooks, DVD courses, online courses, outside courses, or all of the above.

Hybrid schools are part-time private schools that meet 2 or 3 days per week and cover core subjects, while parents follow the assigned curriculum at home during the rest of the week.

Cooperatives come in many forms, but in a nutshell, families meet weekly to learn together in a variety of settings. Some co-ops require parents to volunteer as helpers or teachers, while others allow students to be dropped off for the classes. Co-ops may be academic, extracurricular, or a mix of both.

Online public school, while sometimes considered homeschooling, is technically still public school. The state provides the materials, and the student must still meet state public education requirements for attendance, grades, and testing.