St. Francis Academy (Sanger, Tx)

We are a Classical, Collaborate, Christian farm school dedicated to the Charlotte Mason Method of Instruction. We meet twice a week for outdoor classroom instruction and offer classes that many mothers find difficult to facilitate alone: art, nature study, music, gardening, foreign languages, handicrafts, etc. We also include language arts and math so families don’t have to “double up” on at-home days. Farm chores are a distinctive part of our curriculum and include care for ducks, vegetable gardens, rabbits, pigs, a tree orchard, and a vineyard, among other things. Each school day we pray morning, noon, and evening prayer, and warmly welcome Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox families.

We currently run a lower school that serves students through the equivalent of grade 5. We are actively working to expand to include an upper school, serving students through 12th grade. We expect our upper school to open in September 2024.

Parent involvement is required.

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